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How I work

The way I operate resembles a family doctor. An organization presents a question: a problem, a challenge, customer complaints et cetera. I take an integral approach to organizational questions: just as a good family doctor sees the patient as a whole, not as one symptom, or one problem. First I investigate, look for underlying patterns and make a diagnosis. I prepare an appropriate  treatment plan. Just like a doctor.

In my experience this investment at the start significantly improves the results and the chances for success. My main competences are to manage and facilitate complex change processes in organisations. My tools are, amongst others,  to integrate processes and cultures, to develop a quality culture and to design and execute interventions on all kinds of organizational aspects.

I have undertaken multiple roles: management consultant,  interim CEO, interim project manager. I also serve on  the non-executive board of a large mental healthcare institute.

How can I help you?

If you are grappling with an unsolved organisational issue, I can help you find the answers.
Issues include :
" We cannot keep up with the growth"
"How do we adapt to the changing environment
“How do we integrate and harmonize work processes after a merger or acquisition?”

I will enjoy helping you finding answers to your organizational issues.

How did I help others?

Just read my cases